modern staircase design

Here at Charles Grosvenor we are committed to providing the customer with the very best in modern staircase design, incorporating either glass or stylish chrome solution spindles to make your new staircase the feature of your home.

If it’s traditional timber your after then you need not worry. We supply all styles of timber spindles in a wide variety of timbers and can also match any existing spindle you may have in your house.

We use the latest 2D and 3D software to create your staircase, enabling you to get a feel of how it will look prior to manufacture. We endeavor to make every staircase comply to Part K of Building Regulations and in the event of any issues we will work closely with local building inspectors to ensure the project goes ahead.

If necessary a surveyor will come out to measure up and ensure the new stair can go where intended giving adequate headroom all up the stair.

Bespoke made staircases

We can manufacture any shape or size to suit...

We are happy to quote against your specific requirements and design a staircase solution to meet your specific needs.

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American White. A quality American hardwood, Ash can be stained and polished to a very good finish

Hemlock is a straight-grained clear, knot free timber. It is especially attractive since it will vernish to a rich golden colour. Hemlock is of uniform density and will take stain easily with the minimum of colour distortion; it is easy to use and not split or break whilst being worked, being less brittle and therefore stronger than many hardwoods.

American White is used exclusively in the UK form internal joinery, being kiln dried to approximately 10%. A strong, heavy hardwood grown ion the Eastern half of the United States. Due to the high costs of large sections, newel posts and handrails are laminated, careful attention being paid to grain matching. European Oak is a close relative botanically to Quercus Robur.

Our standard string material. Pine is slow grown Scandinavian timber, an economical timber suitable for staining and painting. All knots in the timber are sound.

Sapele is a West African hardwood, with a reddish brown colouring. This fairly close textured timber is harder and heavier than both American and South American Mahogany. As with any natural product
Southern Yellow Pine

Southern Yellow Pine has distinctive character in both colour and grain. Although generally clear, a limited number of small knots are permitted. Grown in the Southern United States, it enjoys the reputation of being exceptionally strong and has a high resistance to wear.