Frequently Asked Questions

When designing your own staircase, who better to ask than the professionals. Grosvenor Stairs are more then happy to help you with your project or supply you with the correct materials for you to build it yourself.

Please find our page of frequently asked questions. Some of these may seem obvious but are here for your both reference and help.

Q. will my staircase design comply with regulations?

A. All our staircases comply to UK Building regulations (document K) in domestic properties. Call Allan Rae or one of his team to discuss commercial staircases

Q. how long will it take for my staircase to arrive?

A. from time of order and sign staircase design form the staircase will take 5 to 10 days with a delivery date given straight away, please call if the staircase is needed sooner

Q. in what form will my staircase arrive ?

A it will be dry put together before it leaves the workshop, when it arrives it will be part assembled for your fitter to or flat pack if required.

Q. who delivers my staircase?

A. all staircases are delivered by our own staircase delivery vehicles.

Q. do you manufacture Oak staircases ?

A. yes we manufacture with all types of wood (if available) with oak being one of the popular woods

Q. do you finish the staircase?

A. no it is delivered to you as a pre sanded finish ready for you to apply your preferred finish ( we recommend a product OSMO)

Q. do you replicate existing balustrade ?

A. yes we have our own turner and handrail maker who can match anything (not carving).

Q. can I come and see the staircases and balustrade before I buy?

A. we have a dedicated workshop and showroom to staircases that can be visited Monday to Friday and weekends by appointment

Q. do you offer glass balustrade?

A. we sell a large selection of toughened glass panels small and large with the stairs and separate.

Q. I only have a small space to fit my staircase in can I only have a spiral staircase ?

We come up against this all the time and a double winder will fit in the same space please phone for details

Q. I am finding it hard to measure for my new staircase and I need HELP ?

A. if we cannot talk you through it on the phone we offer an onsite survey to take the worry away please phone to arrange

Q. can I have no risers in my staircase ?

A. no it against building regulations but you can have half open half closed as long as the gap is no larger than 100mm